November 2018

Curso Francês em Lisboa – (10 dicas fundamentais)

CURSOS de FRANCÊS (em Lisboa) Sabemos que aprender Francês pode não ser uma tarefa fácil! Mas também sabemos que o podemos ajudar! O Lisbon Language Café utiliza um método de ensino-aprendizagem que assegura ao aluno uma compreensão do idioma sem perda de tempo. Connosco vai começar a...

August 2018

Do you know a lot about Lisbon?

Do you know a lot about Lisbon? I have to admit that before landing in Lisbon and knew just a bit about portuguese people and the Portugal. I think that most of us had only a few ideas and connotations about sandy beaches in the south of the country (Algarve). It is also true that most of us...

June 2018

Reasons to visit Portugal asap

Reasons to visit Portugal asap Lisbon is a top destination hotspot for the coming years, a must visit place! Whether it's for fun, for business or other reasons, our country has become a must go destination.   This year (2018) we already had the following event: - Eurovision song...

Countries that speak portuguese

Countries that speak portuguese If you have decided to learn portuguese you should know that this is not just another language. If you can speak our language you will be able to  communicate with more than 260 million people from 4 different continents (Europe, South America, Asia and Áfica. ...

May 2018

Funny portuguese phrases

Funny portuguese phrases Check the twenty funniest Portuguese expression (European Portuguese). Learn also how you should use them. First 10 Funny portuguese phrases 1: A Portuguese person does not “give up,” he “takes his little horse away from the rain.” (Tirar o cavalinho da...


THE ROLE OF GRAMMAR ACCORDING TO KRASHEN According to the famous linguist and researcher Krashen, the formal study of a language (i.e. grammar) can be beneficial. This means that it is in schools and universities’ interest to include grammar learning in their foreign language teaching...