Why you should to Learn portuguese


Portuguese is a passionate and romantic language, where the focus is on expressing yourself rather than following tons of grammar rules, making it the ideal learner’s language.

1) Always called country of the future, Brazil is starting to look like the country of the present. Everybody wants to come to Brazil, to invest here, to live here and the next years will be very busy.

2) Brazil has emerged as a global economic player! It is the 5th largest economy in the world and considered 21st-century economic powerhouse! With the economy growing so fast (Brazil is the industrial and economic super power of Latin America) the demand for professionals in different areas also increased. You just might find yourself moving to Brazil to work or having a competitive advantage over colleagues at your company if you speak this great language.

3) Portuguese is spoken in 4 continents: South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. More people learn and speak Portuguese as their native language than speak Japaneses, French, German or Italian.

4) Portuguese and Brazilians people accept you as one of theirs. Portuguese people and Brazilians are naturally friendly and if you can communicate in their language it’s even better! In Brazil, it’s all about “networking” and this is a natural built in part of the language.

5) Portuguese/Spanish: the perfect couple. You will multiply your chances for success if you learn and speak these two languages since they cover all of South America plus many other places in Europe, Africa, and Asia. If you already speak Spanish it will be very easy for you to learn Portuguese.

6) You can enjoy your trips much better. Portugal is one of the major tourist destionations in Europe and Brazil is one of the major tourist destinations in South America. If you learn and if you know the language of the country you visit that will provide you many more choices and better experiences.


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