The Lisbon Language Café started its Portuguese, English, and French classes in Lisbon in September 2014. From the beginning, conversation was the central focus of our classes. We began teaching in cafes and cultural spaces in various locations (partners) throughout the city of Lisbon. Hours and hours of lively conversations were always led by native teachers in relaxed environments.

In 2015, we moved to LX Factory in Alcântara, where we started having a conventional classroom. Currently, we are based in Santos (at Rua do Instituto Industrial). Here, we offer our Portuguese, English, and French classes in small groups (a maximum of 6 students). Throughout all this time, our strategy has remained true to our vision, which is that conversation and good humor have been and continue to be the basis of our classes.

Intensive and extensive courses in Portuguese, as well as private classes in Portuguese, English, and French, are currently the foundation of our educational offerings.




Intensive courses of 30 hours – Levels A1

Extensive courses of 30 hours – Levels A1, A2, and B1

Private classes (in-person and online)