Cost of living in Lisbon

Living in Lisbon is affordable in comparison to other European countries. However, in Lisbon (especially in the city centre) prices across the board have risen a lot in the last 5 years. This article aims to give you a good and more realistic perspective of the current (2019) cost of living in Portugal. Have a read!

1. Housing – Cost of living in Lisbon

Renting a house

Prices differ a lot depending on which area of Lisbon you want to live. In the city centre, a one-bedroom flat costs between €900 and €1,500 per month (bills not included). But, if you don’t mind living on the outskirts, you will find the same type of accommodation for about €500/€700 per month.

Buying a house

If you want to buy a house the prices can be also vary greatly depending on the preferred location. In the city centre prices range from between €4000/m2 to €6000/m2.  Living in the outskirts prices can be far cheaper such as €2000 to €4000/m2 (many of these places have metro connections nearby and are just 20-25 minutes from the city centre).

2. Learning Portuguese in Lisbon

If you have decided to live in Lisbon, you have to think about learning Portuguese. An A1 course of 25-30 hours costs between €250 and €600 (all materials included).

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3. Salaries in Lisbon

Salaries in Lisbon are low. The minimum salary (2019) is €585 ( based on 40 hours per week). The average salary is around €850 per month. From a Portuguese citizen perspective, if you have a monthly salary of €1,200 you will have enough money to have a decent quality of life. However, finding a job in Lisbon (and in Portugal) can be challenging. Make sure that you consider all aspects of this part of your move thoroughly and have everything organised beforehand.

4. Food prices

If you like to eat and drink, Lisbon and Portugal are the perfect places for you!
Check out a few price examples:


– small beer – €0,45
– bottle of wine (medium quality) – €4
– kilogram of bananas – 1€
– can of coca-cola – €0.45
– yogurt (greek style) – €0.50

In a restaurant

It really depends on the restaurant you choose. Prices can be super affordable but there are also “restaurants for tourists” that can be expensive. If you take a little time to do your research for a restaurant, we are more than sure that you will find plenty of cheap (and good) ones. A full meal (starters, main course, wine, dessert and coffee) can cost between €10 and €25. Doesn’t that sound good to you?


Portugal tem boa oferta de transportes públicos. Autocarros, metro, elétricos, táxis, ubbers, tuk-tuks, comboios e barcos. O tempo de espera é bastante varável. No metro é normal esperar entre 3 e 7 minutos. Os autocarros, os comboios e os barcos são menos frequentes (frequência de 20 ou 25 minutos).

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