Modo conjuntivo português

This course is intended for Portuguese language learners who have completed Level A1 but still don’t feel ready to move on to the next level. This course has been specifically designed for them! This is a very common situation, especially for those students who are learning a second language for the first time.

The first half of the A2 level preparation course is spent reviewing the grammatical concepts that the students wish to revisit.

The second part of the course is filled with conversation activities that will prepare the students for our A2 level course. It is important to mention and emphasize that, at the A2 level, over 80% of the time is dedicated to speaking activities. In order for the students to feel prepared and comfortable to participate in the A2 level, it is important that their ability for comprehension and oral expression is in line with the A2 level.

Until now, students who finished Level A1 with difficulties had the options of individual lessons or repeating Level A1. This A2 level preparation course is the perfect solution for this group of students!

TEACHING/LEARNING MATERIALS. By enrolling in an A2 level Preparation course, the student knows that ALL teaching/learning materials will be made available at no additional cost.

BOOK – We have our own manual which is the result of our long teaching experience.

QUIZLET – An online platform with study lists made by us that aim to complement the learning from our classes.

PODCASTS – An ESSENTIAL tool for students aimed at improving oral comprehension. Absolutely indispensable.

NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN EACH PREPARATION COURSE FOR LEVEL A2: 6 students. Working with small groups of students is essential to ensure effective participation by all students. At Lisbon Language Café, we believe that it is through active learning that students can consolidate their knowledge. This means that students are an active part of the teaching/learning process. In other words, students are constantly involved and questioned in order to maintain their focus and participation in classes.

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