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Essential Portuguese Phrases


Portugal remains a top tourist destination, particularly in the vibrant summer season. Planning a trip? Learn these essential Portuguese phrases for a smoother experience in any region or city—Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Azores, or Madeira. Speaking even a few words of the local language can enrich your cultural experience.

  1. “A que horas abre / fecha?” – What time do you open / close? Ensure your plans go smoothly by asking about opening and closing times. This key question is a must-have in your Portuguese survival kit.

  2. “Onde é a casa de banho?” – Where is the toilet? Navigate unfamiliar places with ease by knowing how to ask for the bathroom. A crucial phrase for all tourists exploring Portugal.

  3. “Tchim-tchim ou saúde” – Cheers Experience the Portuguese toast with “saúde.” The traditional “tchim-tchim” is used by some, but “saúde” remains the common and heartfelt choice for toasting good health.

While many Portuguese residents have a good command of English, demonstrating an interest in the local language can enhance your cultural experience. Whether in Portugal or another Portuguese-speaking country, familiarize yourself with these phrases:

  • Greeting Phrases:

    • Olá – Hello
    • Bom dia – Good morning
    • Boa Tarde – Good afternoon
    • Boa noite – Good evening
    • Tchau – Goodbye (informal)
    • Adeus – Goodbye (formal)


  • Politeness and Manners:

    • Desculpe – Pardon me / I am sorry
    • Por favor – Please
    • Com licença – Excuse me
    • Obrigado (if you are a man) / Obrigada (if you are a woman) – Thanks
    • Desculpe (formal) / Desculpa (informal) – I am sorry
    • De nada – You’re welcome


  • Essentials for Exploring and Dining:

    • Um café – A coffee
    • Água – Water
    • Vinho – Wine
    • Cerveja – Beer
    • Pequeno-almoço – Breakfast
    • Almoço – Lunch
    • Jantar – Dinner
    • Tenho uma reserva – I have a reservation
    • A conta, por favor – The bill, please


  • Shopping Essentials:

    • Quanto custa? – How much is it?
    • Estou só a ver, obrigado – I’m just looking, thanks
    • Aceita cartão de crédito? – Do you accept credit card?


  • Numbers:

    • Sim – Yes
    • Não – No
    • Mais ou menos – So-so
    • Um, Dois, Três, Quatro, Cinco, Dez, Vinte, Trinta, Quarenta, Cinquenta, Cem, Mil – One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Hundred, Thousand


  • Language Assistance:

    • O senhor fala inglês? – Do you speak English?
    • Desculpe, não falo português. – I am sorry, but I don’t speak Portuguese

Prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Portugal by mastering these essential phrases. Your linguistic efforts will undoubtedly enhance your travel experience!

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Amandine Martinez
Amandine Martinez
Frederico classes are very good and interesting ! I've followed the A1 level and currently and currently in A2. The mood in the class is very good too :)
O curso A1 é ótimo! Frederico é um professor excelente e muito simpatico. Vou aprendar A2 na escola em Julho. Eu recomendo.
Joey Carmello
Joey Carmello
My wife and I took the 3 week A1 Portuguese lessons with Lisbon Language cafe. We loved it! It was important for us to find a small class size so we’d be able to participate and receive frequent feedback. And only 3 weeks later we already find ourselves confident in using the language in public. We plan on signing up for the next A2 course ASAP. Obrigado!
William Newmark
William Newmark
I've been taking classes with Frederico from A1 through B1, and I have learned so much. I really appreciate the conversational style of the class and the emphasis on what's important for day-to-day conversation, and what can be learned over time. I truly enjoy coming to class each week, and highly recommend the Lisbon Language Cafe.
Lucy Mair
Lucy Mair
This was an amazing first experience learning Portuguese. I just completed the intensive A1 and loved every minute. Frederico and Sara were both brilliant teachers with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge of Portuguese language, society and culture. Lisbon Language Cafe deservedly has the best reviews of any Lisbon language school and I highly recommend it to all students.
Samira Krodel
Samira Krodel
Great A1 Class in a small group to get started with Portuguese! Both teachers, Sara & Frederico, were lovely - they were always structured & prepared. Not only did they manage to teach us the Portuguese language but also convey Portuguese culture and insights! I can highly recommend joining the Language Cafe :)
Harrison Phillips
Harrison Phillips
Frederico is a great teacher. Great vibes and great class atmosphere. The best thing is he tells you what you need to learn and what you don't need to worry about which is so crucial for A1 & A2. Don't get bogged down with the stuff you don't need to know yet, focus on what matters.
Arielle Gingold
Arielle Gingold
I learned so much in the A1 class and loved the teaching style. Looking forward to taking more classes!


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