FADO – Beating heart of Lisbon

When the sun goes down in Lisbon, the white monuments became silhouettes, the colourful tiles hide their contrasts, and the deep sounds of Fado music start crying from inside the houses of the ancient streets of Lisbon.

It is probably the oldest urban music expression of the world. Remoting to the 19th century, Fado was born in the old city’s Moorish quarter of Alfama, among villains and prostitutes.
Some people use to say that Fado came from African influences, others that it was inspired by the sea and the longing of those who left on the boats and those who stayed waiting for them. In fact there is still some questions and mysteries around the roots of this type of Music.

Fado means fate, a concept that is related with the following topics: lovesick, betrayal, despair and, of course SAUDADE.
The voice of the singer, that can be mail or female, is accompanied by a Portuguese guitar and a viola.

If you want to find live fado, there are plenty of choices in Lisbon.
In Alfama you can find Fado in every single corner, you will find many Fado houses with different “fadistas” performing in the same night, while you can have a nice meal or just a drink.
In this old part of the town you can visit “Museu do Fado” from to Tuesday to Sunday.
Bairro Alto is also a good possibility to enjoy live fado but please beware with some places that were created mainly for tourists (the prices are much higher in these spots…).

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