Portuguese grammar content: A2

Grammar Content – Programme of Studies – A2

» A1 Grammar content: Review with conversational activities

A2 Grammar content
» Pretérito perfeito simples (verbos irregulares)
» Verbos com alternância vocálica
» Costumar + infinitivo
» Expressões de deslocação / movimento
» Formas de tratamento em Português
» Pronomes Pessoais Oblíquos (tónicos)
» Utilização dos pronomes pessoais com verbos com preposição
» Preposições + pronomes pessoais
» Imperativo
» Utilização do superlativo absoluto analítico e sintético
» Utilização do superlativo relativo de superioridade e inferioridade
» Regras de utilização das preposições de tempo
» Pretérito Imperfeito
» Condicional, pronomes de complemento direto e indireto e Partícula apassivante SE.
» Haver de + Infinitivo
» Pronomes indefinidos
» Infinitivo pessoal e impessoal

Our courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A small synopsis of the abilities for each level follows.
A1 level
Can understand and use familiar and daily life expressions, as well as very simple sentences, that aim to satisfy concrete necessities. Can introduce himself and introduce others and is capable of making questions and giving answers on personal aspects, such as, the place where he lives, the people he knows and the things that he has. Can communicate in a simple way, if the interlocutor speaks slowly and distinctly it helps.
A2 level
Can understand isolated phrases and frequently used expressions within areas of immediate importance (simple personal and family information, purchases, recent activities). Can communicate on simple tasks and routines that demand only one exchange of simple information and on subjects that are familiar and common. Can describe in a simple way his education, past and relate them to his immediate necessities.

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