How to say “I love you” in European Portuguese

How to say “I love you” in European Portuguese

The Portuguese and Brazilians are not afraid to show their emotions to their partner. Often, in the first encounter, the Latin blood that flows in the veins of the Portuguese makes them demonstrate the passion they feel.  And if we think about it, why not? Life is very short and should be lived with maximum intensity.


1. “Amo-te”.

The most common form of saying “I love you” in Portuguese. It is used only between couples. It is not very common among friends or family. It is usually not used on a first date. If someone says,  “Amo-te / I love you” you can respond “também te amo / I love you too” or … “EU não te amo / I do not love you.”

2. “Gosto muito de ti”.

It’s a less intense way of saying, “I love you!” Widely used among couples and also among friends and family. Some people feel more comfortable and less committed with this phrase. Very often used in the early stages of a love relationship.

3. “Adoro-te”.

It is an intermediate solution. Stronger than “I like you” and less intense than “I love you”. Used by couples, friends and family. It is a very commonly used option in the early stages of relationships, such as “I really like you.”

4. “Queres namorar comigo”?

In English the equivalent is: ‘will you go out with me?’. If the answer is “yes,” then it means that these two people are starting a loving relationship. If the answer is no, maybe the other person wants only a relationship without commitment.

5. “Estou apaixonado por ti”.

In the initial phase of the relationship comes the passion!  This is a phrase used by lovers in these first days (or weeks … or months …) where we feel butterflies in the belly. In English the translation is: “I am in love with you!”

6. “Tu completas-me”

This phraseconveys the idea of ​​unity: the two people together form one unit and the two parts are necessary to create one. It’s a phrase that characterizes the passion phase! “You make me feel complete” is a good translation for this Portuguese phrase.


7. “You are my world”!

It is a phrase that conveys the idea of ​​unconditional love and passion. Whoever says this sentence assumes that your partner is the most important person in your life. It is a Portuguese phrase of great intensity! “you are my world” is the translation of this sentence. The direct translation “I miss you” is a very weak and not perfect version of the intensity of the phrase “I miss you so much”!

8. You are the love of my life.

When the Portuguese feel that their partner is the right person and is a unique and irreplaceable person, then this is the phrase they often use. The phrase gives the idea of ​​a unique and irreducible event in life. It is a very strong phrase that very clearly conveys the feeling of pure and pure love.

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