Our lessons are designed to improve your understanding and your speaking competences. The main focus (our methodology) is on speaking, listening, and pronunciation.

Description: You may have studied grammar at school for many years but still find understanding and speaking French difficult, or you may be a complete beginner. Whatever your level is, we can help you!

The lessons are designed to immerse you with rapid questions and answers which improve your understanding and allow you no time to think and translate into your native language. After a short time, you will begin to think and speak directly in French!

Your mistakes will be corrected by native-speaking teachers. This greatly improves your pronunciation and confidence when speaking.

New vocabulary and grammar are taught and practiced each day so that you quickly build up your knowledge of words and phrases, which help you speak more fluently.

No need to worry if you do not understand or remember everything the first time; practice makes perfect!

Lessons / Courses focus on

Speed: There is no time to think and translate into your own language. This quickly improves your confidence and speaking skills.

Correction: you will listen and speak for most of the lesson and the majority of your mistakes will be corrected by your teacher.

Repetition: the lessons are taught through repetition and revision of grammatically correct sentences.

The maximum class size is: 4 students per tutor

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