Learning grammar


Learning grammar is a big question but the truth is that there isn’t a Perfect Solution that fits everyone! The methodology that works for me can be completely different from the one that works for you!
In fact, any method could work due to a combination of different things. What is crucial in any methodology depends on the goals and especially on the student’s learning style. This general principle applies to studying grammar when learning a new language!
However, we should also state that for different goals (like passing a test), a different approach would be necessary to achieve that specific objective.

Grammar: forget perfection!
Don’t make gramar your priority! A grammar focused approach frames the language into a set of rules made up of nothing more than those horrible grammar tables.
In fact, grammar doesn’t improve your fluency. Even if you try to study it until you know it perfectly will not give you confidence to use it during a normal conversation with actual human beings. You just can’t win the grammar battle as you will never be able to memorize all the gramar rules.

Believe us: you do not need to be an expert in grammar to speak a language, this is a fact! Grammar can act as a wall between you and fluency and very often it hold back students in their learning process. Start your learnimg process with phrasebooks. Once you get familiar with the language then you can go and look at grammar books and tables and you will find it interesting (and you will be able to attached that information to something specific).

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