Learning portuguese: an important asset!

Learning the Portuguese language can make the difference

Camões language can be the difference between getting or not getting a new professional opportunity

Learning Portuguese in Lisbon can be a very important professional asset for your near or distant future.

When you learn a new language you get smarter, did you know it? This a fact and probably the main reason why you have to learn Portuguese in Lisbon. In accordance to the “New York Times”, being bilingual has a very important impact on the way like your brain works.

If you increase your cognitive competencies, you will also be able to fighter better against aging diseases such as dementia.

Your brain will be more agile and these advantages will benefit more those who learn a second language later in life.

When people decide to learn another language, they do it for three different reasons:

  1. Professional reasons

Learning a second or a third language will give you more skills and it will make you more competitive on the job market

  1. To learn more about the culture of Portugal (if you’re learning Portuguese) If you can’t speak a language you won’t be able to truly understand the culture of that country. You can speak Portuguese, you won’t be able to understand FADO or read Fernando Pessoa for example.
  2. To fight dementia and other brain diseases
So, the big question is: which language should you learn?

If you don’t speak Portuguese yet, we believe that our language is the best option for your choice.  There several reasons why you should learn Portuguese in Lisbon with us.

If you want to know the reasons and if you want to know everything about our Portuguese lessons and courses in Lisbon, click HERE to check dates, prices, and all details.