Lisbon’s Weather! (O Tempo em Lisboa!)

Portugal is characterized by a great and mild temperate (Mediterranean climate) with a distinct wet season in winter.
The climate varies a lot from one region to another and is influenced by the closeness to the Atlantic Ocean (oceano Atlântico).
As Lisbon is close to the coast and in the center of the country, if you decide to visit it you’ll enjoy a very pleasant weather with short and very mild winters and warm summers.
The sunshine duration is 70% superior than most of European cities (around 1500 hours/year). Lisbon has one of the highest numbers of hours of daylight in Europe.
Daytime maximum temperatures reach 35° celsious degrees and the city has 11 or 12 hours of sunshine. In addition, Lisbon has around 29 dry days per month (during the summer – on average).

A hidden treasure in Lisbon! (um tesouro escondido em Lisboa!)

There are loads of surprises to discover in Lisbon. Here you will breathe culture, history, tradition and modernity in all its monuments, gardens, cafés and bookstores.
All this under the beauty of Lisbon light… But there is a secret treasure, hidden in a dark place of Lisbon…
The Portuguese capital used to be the ancient Roman city “Olisipo”. We can still find the Romans influence in the Portuguese culture: the language, the food and engineering heritage dash on the aqueducts, bridges and the avenues/roads.
Lisbon was reconstructed after the earthquake of 1755. In this process the ancient Roman Galleries were discovered, in the year 1771. The Galleries have more than 2000 years old!
Underneath one of downtown Lisbon’s busiest street, Rua da Prata (Baixa – downtown) there are hidden underground Roman Galleries. This archaeological ruins can be visited from the 20th to the 22nd of September. Only these three days a year the Galleries are open to public. For this occasion they’re drained, because the rest of the year the underground ruins are flooded.
The entrance is in the middle of the street, between the tram rails (Rua da Conceição, number 77).
There are free guided tours from 10am to 6pm. The last tour starts at 5:30pm. To visit the Roman ruins its better to go quite early to avoid the queue.
If you’re planning to visit Lisbon in September, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to explore the Roman city underground. An unique experience!

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lisbon's weather