The Lisbon Language Cafe started teaching Portuguese to foreigners in 2014. In 2020, we feel it is time to broaden the way we share the knowledge we have accumulated over many years of teaching languages. Online courses are by 2020, the natural way! Our European Portuguese online course follows the same structure as our classroom course but adapted to the online environment. The teaching materials and strategies are the same, and the teachers are the same.


The level A1 course will be available in 2020. The course will feature the following pedagogical elements:

1. Teaching modules (videos)

2. Podcast E-learning Platform (EVERLESSON)

3. QUIZZES e-learning platform and other learning activities (QUIZLET)

4. Access to a level A1 workbook

To whom is the A1 Portuguese online course GEARED?

It is intended for all students who want to start learning Portuguese but do not yet have any knowledge of the language.

Is the course appropriate for students who speak Spanish or Italian?

Yes, the course is appropriate for these cases. However, our course can be a little basic as students with a solid knowledge of Spanish and Italian need less time to understand the differences between these languages ​​and Portuguese.

What is the course strategy?

The videos introduce and explain grammatical content. Consolidation is done through the available teaching materials

– QUIZLET (activities: flashcards, learn, write, spell, match, gravity)

Try for free:


Try for free:

-Booklet (digital)

How long is the Portuguese online course?

In order to complete all A1 level modules and activities, students must devote between 50 and 60 hours of study.

What is the price of the online course? 99€

Should I complement the Portuguese online course with Skype classes?

It is neither fundamental nor mandatory. Students who complete all modules and all course activities will have a solid knowledge of level A1 in Portuguese.

However, Skype classes can complement the course and help consolidate knowledge.

Will I be fluent in Portuguese at the end of the A1 level course?

The answer is no. At the end of level A1 students have the following skills:

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