Pronunciation adult learners weak point

One thing that researchers seem to agree on is that younger learners are more efficient at acquiring a native-like accent in the target language. Some studies even claim that if exposure to the language doesn’t begin in the childhood years, it is genuinely challenging to acquire an authentic accent.

However, research has also shown that accent may be the least important component of overall language proficiency: even a strong foreign accent does not necessarily lead to a reduction of comprehensibility. You can obviously be fluent and feel confident and comfortable speaking even though your accent lacks native-like perfection.

Lastly, even in studies which indicate that catching the right accent gets harder with age, “the evidence is for a trend rather than an inexorable law”. If you are motivated, choose an effective method and practice, you can significantly improve your pronunciation.

So you can learn a new language at any age. Some aspects of language learning are more challenging for adults than children, and we learn differently at different ages. However, nobody’s language studies are automatically doomed to failure just because of age.

You are just the right age to start!

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