Teaching Methodology

The Lisbon Language Café is a language school focused on one simple objective: advancing your conversational skills in the language that you want to improve! We deliver our lessons in the center of Lisbon and our sessions consist of enthusiastic conversations lead by native teachers in groups of 5 students (maximum). At Lisbon Language Cafe you will meet new people at each session and you’ll also improve your fluency in that language that has been rusty for too long. Click HERE to know more about our Portuguese lessons in Lisbon.


How many hours have you spent solving grammar activities in a foreign language? How about reading texts and books? Despite all of that, do you feel comfortable and fluent every time you want to speak with a native speaker? The answer is probably NO… At Lisbon Language Café we have something new and different for you! We are focused on improving your conversational skills, making you a more effective communicator! After all, that’s what we all want when speaking a foreign language: to understand and to be understood!

How does it work?

At Lisbon Language Café everything is easy! Just send us an email – speak@lisbonlanguagecafe.pt – to book your trial lesson and check if our teaching methodology matches your objectives and needs.