Portuguese Idiom

The Portuguese idiom is spoken in many areas of the globe. Just like in any other idiom, the accent diferences are very strong. They can affect the understanding of the language.
Lets now check the diferences between the most famous ways of speaking Portuguese – Portuguese from Portugal and Portugal from Brasil.

The Portuguese Grammar and Spelling

You will not find many diferences between the spelling of these two countries.
Brazilian people are very creative when they use the language and they turn nouns into verbs. Example: “dar os parabéns” means to congratulate in Lisbon but people from Brasil transform the noun “parabéns” into the verb “parabenizar”.
There i salso another thing that is interesting which is the assimilation of foreign expressions and words into Brazilian Portuguese with a change in the phonetics of the word.
The Portuguese from Portugal is usually more resistant to changes and assimilations than the Brasilian.

“Os Sotaques” (diferent accents)

If you are learning Portuguese you will probably find Brazilian Portuguese to be easier and pleasing to ear that the Portuguese that is spoken in Portugal. Is Lisbon people speak faster than in Rio de Janeiro and this diference is very relevant for those that are learning the idiom.
Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro has a strong cade and people normally speak slowly which makes the idiom easier for those that are still struggling to learn the language. European portuguese or brazilian portuguese, doesn’t matter which solution your prefere as long as you start learning ir as soon as possible.

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