What should you visit in portugal

What should you visit in Portugal


  • Lisbon

The capital of Portugal is full of attractions; monuments, beaches, inexpensive and great restaurants, superb weather and nightlife are just a few of the many great things that you will find in Lisbon.

  • Nazaré

You only have to travel (by car) 1 hour and 15 minutes to check out the biggest waves in the world. Nowadays, this small town is world-renown for it’s record-breaking sized waves, which can be seen (and surfed by professionals) between November and February. If you haven’t heard about this place yet, take a look at the video below.


  • Costa Vinzentina

If you like beaches, surfing and breath-taking landscapes you can’t miss this recommendation. Costa Vinzentina starts in the Alentejo region and ends in Algarve. Along the coastline there are dozens of beaches, cheap accommodation (including hotels) and cheap food, of course. You can’t miss it!

  • The city of Porto

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal. It’s only 3 hours away by car from Lisbon and 300km in distance from the capital. A beautiful city full of history, monuments and it goes without saying… excellent cuisine too!

  • The Azores

The Azores islands part of Portugal and are only 3 hours by plane from Lisbon. Stunningly beautiful, affordable and full of nice Portuguese people. All islands in the Azores are great but if we had to recommend just one to you the island we would pick is São Miguel; the best option for a first-time visit to this magical place. If you are already learning Portuguese, you should know that the accent on these islands is so strong that even Portuguese people from Lisbon need subtitles to understand “açoreanos” on television.

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