English is the universal language today but it has not always been so.

Throughout history, there has always been a language that prevailed over the other languages. It was often imposed by conquerors and other times it came in a natural way.  Language developed naturally by the human need to communicate and trade.

Greek was once the universal language given the importance of this empire. Other examples are Latin (Roman influence) and more recently French (18th and 19th centuries).

Speaking English fluently now is no longer a positive differentiating factor. Mastering the language today is essential. Any professional wishing to succeed has to speak English well.

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge, travel, improve your career and reach top positions, then your English language has to be almost perfect.

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Why is English so important today?

The answer is related to the characteristics of the global economy. This has been led for over 30 years by the United States of America. The world’s largest companies (multinationals) have important business relationships with this great world economy.

For this reason, the presence of qualified professionals is essential for them. People with a deep command of this competence.

However, the explanation is not limited to the factor already mentioned. Cinema, music, the internet, entertainment and all that is part of our daily culture are in this language.


Never before has there been such close proximity among people from all over the world. The internet brought people and business closer together. The English language is the medium of communication between peoples. It is a fundamental tool in business transactions conducted over the internet.


People who do not have a solid knowledge of this language experience great difficulties when traveling. Communication at airports and tourist sites is always in English. If your English is poor then you are missing out on many personal and professional opportunities. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem.

Studying” is the key word!

Some people have many language learning skills and other people have more difficulties. But everyone can learn a new language, no matter what age and current level you are. The secret to success can be summarized if you do the following:

1. Change your phone and computer language to English

2. Install E-learning platforms (allowing you to study anywhere, anytime)

3. Have one English class per week with 1 native teacher

4. Study at least 20 minutes every day (can be with E-learning platforms)

5. Listen to English music

6. Watch movies with English subtitles

7. Are patient and focused!

Learning and improving your English is always a long process. Do not expect immediate results. Be consistent and set medium-term goals (6 months to 1 year).

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